Emergency Services.

Unpredictable hazards, tough environments and trusted protection – that’s why Grippaz® is fast becoming the preferred glove for emergency responders. Grippaz® delivers protection and toughness when every second counts.

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Grip Test

In grip tests conducted by SATRA the UK’s leading testing house for PPE Products, Grippaz Fish Scale Gloves out performed all comers, including market leading brands for grip performance.



Raised Diamond


Leading Brand

Longer Lasting
More Grip

Superb Grip

For outside calls in adverse weather and wet, greasy, or blood covered surfaces

Maximum Dexterity

Second skin feel whilst providing maximum toughness and tear strength

Touch Screen Friendly

With both tablets and phones

Chemical Resistant

Protection against oil, gasoline, acids, alkalis

Barrier Against Fentanyl

Tear Resistance

Rip stop grip reduces risk of tear though snagging on sharp objects

Latex Free

High viz colours

Life Signs

Extended 12 inch cuff to note vital signs

Tensile Strength

The lattice effect of our grip, massively adds to the tensile strength +50%

Our Recommendations

EMS, Model 306

Model 306

Trusted by professionals

Thickness: 6mil

Length: 300mm

Available Colours:


Violet Blue

Pantone Colour: 2369CP, Colour Name: Violet Blue

Unlike other nitrile manufacturers, we can provide a full range of colours for colour coding

Other Recommendations

Emergency Services, Model 306


Recommend Model 306


Recommend Model 306

Coast Guard

Recommend Model 306


Recommend Model 306

Fire Department

Recommend Model 306

Mountain Rescue

Recommend Model 306

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Automotive Industry

Whether dealing with oils or grease, Grippaz gloves will give you grip and protection and reduce hand fatigue. Grippaz doesn't create fisheye, paint with confidence.

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Jan & San

Janitorial & Sanitation

Protect yourself from dirt, chemicals and pathogens with Grippaz's highly effective Jan San range of gloves.

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Tattoo & Beauty

You'll find our stylish form-fitting gloves are perfectly adapted for you and your needs. Be it the steady grip, the barrier to bloodborne infection or the reduced hand fatigue, you'll find these gloves the right fit for you.

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Food Processing

Grippaz Gloves cover the whole range of food processing from slaughter house to peeling prawns or delicate prep.

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