Every year 300 Billion gloves end in US landfills

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Grippaz® extended use gloves can last 5X longer, or more than ordinary disposable nitrile gloves. Prolonged use translates to significantly less waste than traditional, single-use nitrile gloves.
The EU does not allow gloves contaminated with chemicals or biohazards to be buried in landfills, which precludes most single-use gloves. In the USA viability of landfills with contaminated gloves depends on local government and EPA guidelines. There is much hype concerning nitrile gloves, which in theory may be compostable or degradable, but putting used gloves in landfills is not usually a viable “green” option.
In the USA, nitrile gloves can be recycled through programs such as VWR and Medline recycling ventures which accept any brand, and in the UK and USA, through Terracycle. Wherever possible, we would encourage our customers to take advantage of these and similar programs, which are becoming more prevalent in response to a growing need for barrier glove protection.
In addition to their longer use life, Grippaz® uses plant-based ink and biodegradable packaging as standard practice. This allows for conventional recycling and assures complete decomposition of the boxes and cartons without dangerous toxins.
Our packaging uses over 75% recycled materials, The benefits of using recyclable materials are saving on raw material costs, manufacturing energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Automotive Industry

Whether dealing with oils or grease, Grippaz gloves will give you grip and protection and reduce hand fatigue. Grippaz doesn't create fisheye, paint with confidence.

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Jan & San

Janitorial & Sanitation

Protect yourself from dirt, chemicals and pathogens with Grippaz's highly effective Jan San range of gloves.

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Tattoo & Beauty

You'll find our stylish form-fitting gloves are perfectly adapted for you and your needs. Be it the steady grip, the barrier to bloodborne infection or the reduced hand fatigue, you'll find these gloves the right fit for you.

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Food Processing

Grippaz Gloves cover the whole range of food processing from slaughter house to peeling prawns or delicate prep.

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