The Number 1 Choice

Grippaz 246 have been designed to fill a gap in the engineering and automotive market.
For too long you guys have been given nurses gloves to wear.
Moulds perfectly to your hand for comfort and maximum dexterity.
Specially formulated nitrile to be robust and resistant to chemicals such as clutch & brake fluid.
Touch screen friendly
The internal grip minimizes slippage and reduces hand fatigue.
Guaranteed silicone free to prevent fish eye in paint spray shops.

No 1 for grip
In grip tests conducted by the UK’s leading testing house for PPE Products SATRA, Grippaz Fish Scale Gloves out performed all comers, including market leading brands for grip performance.
Raised Diamond
Leading brand
Tests were performed by SATRA UK CE0321 against 10W/40 Motor Oil

Audit Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and SMETA, SATRA Module D.
Quality Control: EN420, ASTM 7189, EN374-1, EN374-2 and PPE Regulation 2016/425
  • Cathy Waite

    Mark Water Pumps Limited

    I have given the gloves out to some of our staff to try, and they are more than happy with them. The feedback is as follows: Grip while using in water is good, as they can feel the pump they are working on. There hold is firm and no loss of grip. They can move from working in water to working in dry with ease. The gloves can last all day in use, where they were having to change gloves more often.

  • Darren Thompson

    Darren Thompson Race Engineering

    My thoughts on the gloves are as far as I'm concerned is that they are one of the best disposable products I have used for durability, comfort and grip. I used them at Silverstone and think they are superior to the product Wurth sell and lasted longer, they seemed to stand up better to chemicals I use day to day a lot longer as well such as brake and clutch cleaner and certain thinner type chemicals, I also found the gloves were thinner that the current Wurth ones meaning better dexterity with them which is vital in my work.

    I have since used them in a full race weekend situation and they have been more than up to the job for tasks that don’t require a lot of heat protection, one thing I have found with other products is brake fluid can prove a challenge and other products I have used fail or react, I have had none of these issues with the Grippaz.

  • Tameside Valeting-Detailing

    Darren Thompson Race Engineering

    We used Grippaz gloves at Silverstone classic with eBay. The best out there!

  • Lee Partridge - Workshop Manager

    Melbourne Performance Centre

    The gloves are comfortable and have fantastic grip even when oily. They seem to last a lot longer too

  • Erik Pender

    Melbourne Performance Centre

    I wore the gloves whilst packing wheel bearings. Great grip and feel

  • Mike Henry - Team Manager

    Sonic Racing

    The guys in the workshop love them. Comfortable, durable and grippy. The colours and packaging complement what we want to present as a professional race team

  • Vinnie

    Milwaukee Red 23 Racing

    They don’t fall apart in the parts washer and they must be good because someone stole mine

  • Rob Crawford - Team Manager

    Milwaukee Red 23 Racing

    Great packaging was what I noticed first and the feedback from the team has been fantastic. Comfortable with good feel and at the same time give plenty of grip even when wet or oily. The bloke paying the bills likes them because they last longer than others we have tried

  • Troy - Race Fuel Technician

    The gloves are awesome. No problem using them in all the fuels we use. They don’t rip or tear. The grip isn’t bad either